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Dynamic Web Biz is a small Ballito-based web design and online marketing digital agency based on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  We offer a variety of online digital services from, website planning, website design, web development, online marketing, and Hosting. We focus on your customer’s needs creating functional, responsive web solutions that grow your business. 

| Websites designed to work.

Themed Websites

Value for money. Great return on investment.  There is no better time to start an online business or add a powerful solution to your existing business.   Select from hundreds of beautifully crafted websites to suit your business idea. Boost your sales with a quick, scalable website theme.  Showcase the best of what your company has to offer and attract the right audience to create income-generating revenue.  Let us create an amazing experience for your customer.

Custom Build Websites

Let us tell your story by designing a bespoke website design that fits your brand and attracts your relevant audience.  See our story on how we build high-converting websites that create customer advocacy through an amazing user experience.  Covid 19 creates an opportunity for you to explore the power of taking your business online today.  We create turn-key website solutions that fit your culture and talk directly to your community to showcase the very best your product or service has to offer.

| How we build high-converting Websites?

Step 1: Digital Website Plan

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Let’s Discover

Getting ready to take a journey into cyberspace.  You’ll need to understand the environment you are about to enter.  Fortunately, we have been navigating these routes for years. We understand the pitfalls and the dangers of taking the wrong path. As your sherpa, we will ensure you get to where you wanting to go. Our Journey starts with getting to know you, your internal and external business environment, and helping you get a deeper understanding of the terrain you are about to venture into.

Step 2: Website Design

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Let’s Create

Along the way, you will discover the power of design psychology.  We learn from nature how colour attracts the right audience for multiple reasons. Integrating your brand into your creative design to connect with your audience and sending out the right message is a key strategy you do not want to miss. Colour in design leads to a powerful user experience (UX). and help you get a deeper understanding of the terrain you are about to venture you get a deeper understanding of the 

Step 3: Web Development

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Let's Build

As in any environment, the a diverse eco-system of elements is what makes it function.  Similarly, your digital business needs to be built with the right technology to ensure it grows correctly. It’s about creating the right balance.  Our cloud-based hosting is the bedrock of your environment and WordPress is the platform where everything is connected.  Let’s develop an ecosystem for your business that suits your environment and pocket. This extra line of writing is used for spacing the module.

Step 4: Website Marketing

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Let's Connect

Every environment no matter how diverse or unique shares an integrated connection.  This is where all elements of planning, design, and development are pulled together and a symbiotic relationship is formed. Connecting your website to your audience using social media platforms and integrating with the right cultural communities while displaying your brand through the right channels is the food that feeds your growth.  This extra line of writing is used for spacing the module. While not the best method it works. 

Why Dynamic Web Biz?

Starting an online business?

You are about to enter an exciting and fascinating world of doing business online. At we are passionate about helping people to succeed. Our Focus is assisting small to medium size businesses achieve their goals online.  Regardless of your geographical location, the internet transcends time and place.

Starting a project with us.

Working together is a partnership, a marriage. We like to get to know our clients personally as you would like to know us. Transparency and trust underpin our core values.

Making online Money?

If you’re looking at creating a successful online business or re-evaluating your current online environment, then we will be happy to carry out an audit for you FREE of Charge.  Small changes can make massive differences to your bottom line.

Why try Harder?

Our customers and their clients are the lifeblood of our business. We all know that creating something special takes time, we also understand that time is precious. This is why we look for the best solution for your business to which we commit 100% of our time using SMART objectives, project by project.

Technology and People

We live in a world that is moving at an incredible pace. We always ensure we stay up to date with the social buzz, latest technology and how communities engage with each other through digital means.  The tools we use and the technology we work with are cutting edge to ensure you get the best quality, value, and compliance.  We apply data security and confidentiality vigorously to ensure we abide by Protection of Personal Information Act of South Africa.


Passionate about Webdesign & Online Marketing

Key Elements to Developing a Powerful online Business.

  • A Solid Plan
  • Design & Creativity
  • Strong Technology
  • Focused Marketing Strategies and Tactics
  • Strong Reporting – measure,  evaluate and adapt


 Tayla holds a degree in business management specializing in marketing and new media.


Marketing, Business Development, Graphic Design, Front-end Web Developer

Key Ingredients

  • UX/UI Design that cascades throughout your website.
  • A strong integrated Brand message that connects with your audience
  • Relevant Content that tells a great story
  • SEO (Site Engine Optimization) Keywords that acquire the correct audience
  • Technology that is stable and secure
  • Call to action that converts your “lookers to bookers”

Happy Clients Worldwide

Working with Dynamic Web Biz has been an incredible journey. They helped us to understand the real power of doing business online.  They completed the project on time. It certainly opened our eyes to what’s possible.   Gordon Frasier CPA and Company Inc. California, Lake Forest, USA

Harry Schuit

President , Gordon Frasier CPA and Company INC , USA

We approached Dynamic Web Biz to create a web presence for our company Beach Escapes.  Dynamic Web Biz really exceeded our expectations. We are really happy with the outcome and will recommend them anytime. The project took 5 days from start to finish. We will continue to work with Tayla and her team.

Elsie Greene

CEO , Beach Escapes, South Africa