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What you will need to Know


Dynamic Web Biz uses cutting-edge technology CMS, WordPress and utilize Website builders such as Divi to build our websites.

A 50% Nonrefundable deposit after a free consultation with full payment when the website goes live.

We apply a hosting service agreement with a minimum of 24 months paid monthly or annually.

An SLA (Service level agreement) is mandatory – min period of one year. This is to ensure your WordPress website runs efficiently.

From time to time, we utilize outsourced services which may be billed separately after being reduced in writing and agreed to by both parties.

All websites are developed on a staging website, which includes user testing before going live.

We will use free plugins for all development addons where necessary. This enables you to scale up your business before choosing to buy the pro version should you deem it necessary.

All specialized features such as pro-version plugins or advanced coding will be for your cost.

We do run an affiliate program where we earn a small percentage of any referred business we refer to third-party vendors.

We endeavor to secure your website as much as possible but cannot be held responsible for any loss of data. See Privacy Policy We do keep daily backups of all data.